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Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp - 13



The Superfly pairs well any of Warbonnet Outdoors' hammock models. Hammock tarps with doors are great for cold weather use or folks who want one tarp for all conditions and seasons. The SF is their largest tarp. It would be considered a winter hammock tarp or an All-Season tarp. As far as size and coverage goes, it’s equivalent to the MJ plus removable door kit. The only difference is that the doors of the SF are not removable, rather they’re built-in to the shape of the tarp. (the more frequently you use hammock tarps with doors the more you’ll appreciate the convenience of having them permanently attached, the removable door kits available on the other models are better for occasional door usage). The doors of the Superfly can be folded underneath when not needed, this creates a shape almost identical to that of the MJ (an elongated Hex shape…plus doors). The versatility, expansive coverage and convenient built-in doors make the Superfly a great tarp for any of our hammock models.


We offer this tarp models in 11′ and 13′ lengths. This length refers to the length of the Ridge-seam. In general, the 11′ tarps are most appropriate for end gathered style hammocks like our Blackbird, XLC and Eldorado, while the 13′ versions are best suited for bridge hammocks like our Ridgerunner. The doors on any of the 13′ “Fly” series of hammock tarps with doors will fully close around the suspension triangle of the Ridgerunner.

SuperFly Tarp

  • Ridgeline Length: 13’0”
  • 30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silnylon: 22.5oz
  • Width: 10’0”

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